Hearth Services and Repair in Salisbury, MD

At Rommel Hearth and Outdoor in Salisbury, we take our service beyond design and installation of hearths, providing annual maintenance and repairs for years to come.

Fireplace and Stove Repairs

With more than three decades of experience servicing hearths in the Salisbury area, our expert technicians at Rommel Hearth and Outdoor have seen just about every issue a wood, pellet or gas appliance can have. We are factory trained to service everything we carry, so we have the knowledge to quickly diagnose the problem with your appliance and getting it running like new.

Our technicians at Rommel Hearth and Outdoor have been factory trained to service every product we carry, including pellet stoves, gas appliances and wood fireplaces. If your hearth stems from our line of products, you can rest assured that you will have high quality maintenance and repair at the reach of a phone call to keep it in its best shape for years to come.

Due to popular demand, we have also been led to service some models we don’t sell. If your hearth isn’t in our wide range of products, we’re still happy to come out and apply our vast knowledge to the problem.

Our extensive experience in repairs and our intimate knowledge of the long line of products we carry means we can repair your appliance more quickly and usually on the first visit, so you save time and money. How do we do this? Because Rommel stocks more parts than any other hearth shop on Delmarva, so we’re always on the ready!

Hearth maintenance

Just like any other appliance or piece of equipment in your home, your hearth appliance needs regular maintenance to keep functioning smoothly. With regular maintenance and care for your appliance, it can keep you warm for decades to come.

Our Pellet Annual Service Program is the best way to take good care of your hearth appliance. The program starts April 1 st and service must be performed prior to August 31 st for $200 discounted rate. August dates fill up first so, so call early to schedule before the dates are gone if you want service late in the summer. Services performed after September 1 st cost $300

Records show that the folks who take advantage of the Program have fewer burning issues in-season. Don’t be left out in the cold when you need the heat!

What’s included in your annual service?
Our skilled technicians will:

  • Clean & check auto controls
  • Clean & check combustion fan
  • Clean & check convection fan
  • Check all electric components
  • Clean heat exchangers
  • Check all gaskets
  • Check & adjust auger and motor
  • Check vacuum and pressure switch
  • Check door alignment
  • Check damper and intake areas
  • Clean and check vent pipes

Plus, you get FREE labor on parts replacement!

Hearth Troubleshooting Service

If your stove, insert or fireplace is making strange noises, giving you some type of trouble, or not working properly, call us immediately to help sort out the problem. Be ready to provide us with these details and we can schedule an appointment with our hearth technician. Accurate information at the time of write-up will save time and money.

  1. Brand, Model, & Serial # of your product (if possible)
  2. Approximate age of product
  3. Location of product within your home
  4. Description of the issue you are experiencing

Call us today at (410) 543-1244 to have a technician come repair your hearth or to schedule an annual maintenance appointment!

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