Pellet Fuel and Delivery in Salisbury

An increasingly popular option for in-home stoves, pellet fuel is made from compressed organic matter or biomass. Pellet fuel is one of the most efficient, sustainable, and affordable ways of keeping your home warm in the colder months. The wood pellets most commonly used are made from compressed sawdust and burn clean, while creating the beautiful fire glow we all love.

At Rommel Hearth and Outdoor in Salisbury, we aim to make the process of fueling your pellet stove as easy and affordable as possible. We stock high quality pellets from Wood Pellet Company, one of the best brands around, and offer a delivery service so you can order pellet fuel in bulk for the year. Simply come by our Salisbury shop to pick up a bag or schedule a more substantial 1-ton or more delivery to your door.

Pellet Stoves vs. Other Stoves

Pellet stoves or fireplaces rely on compressed wood or biomass pellets to heat your home instead of burning wood or using gas. Though wood stoves can have a beautiful, rustic aesthetic with the familiarity of the fires we grew up with, the difficulty of starting and tending a wood fire can sometimes deter you from using your the stove as much as you would like. The amount of smoke and ash produced can also be a downside to traditional wood.

With pellet stoves or pellet stove inserts, you get to enjoy the feel of a traditional wood stove without the hassle. They start easily and produce heat quickly, allowing you to warm your home more quickly. Pellet stoves also don’t require a chimney, instead having the option to vent straight out the wall. Due to the affordability of pellet fuel and the fact pellet fuel is a renewable energy source, pellet stoves have become increasingly popular over the past decade.

Pellet Fuel Delivery

Our delivery service will bring high quality pellets from Wood Pellet Company to your door. The pellets are made of compressed sawdust and burn clean, providing you a beautiful fire without the hassle or the ash and smoke of wood stoves. Wood Pellet Company is one of the best brands around, with customers time and time again choosing their pellets over other brands.

You can buy pellet fuel by the ton for $265. You can either pick up the material on site or schedule a delivery for orders of one ton or more. The delivery charge is based on the mileage from our location and the amount of pellets ordered. See our chart below for prices.

2018-2019 Pellet Delivery Program

Delivery fees are based on one way mileage from our store.

Driveway Drop Service        
      1 Ton Addl Tons
 Pallet dropped   Up to 10 mi.  $55 $20 ea.
outside on   10-30 mi. $75 $20 ea.
the property   30-60 mi. $95 $20 ea.
White Glove Service*        
      1 Ton Addl Tons
Hand unloaded   Up to 10 mi.  $100 $40 ea.
and stacked   10-30 mi. $125 $40 ea.
inside building   30-60 mi. $150 $40 ea.
*Must be able to back up within 15′ of stacking location. We will not go up or down steps*
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