Wood Stoves

they’re not your grandma’s stoves

Today’s wood stoves are high efficient heating appliances that are completely different from the pot belly stoves Granny had. With low emissions and long burn times, heating with wood is easy and more precise than ever.

Ask us about the Quadra- Fire Adventure Series- the smartest wood stove you’ll ever control with a thermostat. Yes, that’s right…a wall thermostat! Come by today to see it!

Jotul, Quadra-Fire and Harman are both leaders in the wood burning industry today with not only innovative burn technology but great looks too! Clean glass, among other features has enhanced the beauty and lure of wood burning.

Jotul products are timeless links between past and present and have their natural place in modern residential architecture. They are based on the Norwegian cast iron crafts and functional, modern design that is both innovative and at the same time resistant to short-term trends.

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