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If you remember the heat of the wood stove when you were a kid and want that warmth in your family room but want to sit back on the couch and click a remote, a gas fireplace might be just right for your family. We have traditional gas fireplaces with realistic flame and logs and we also have the more modern European look that is so popular today with current mid-century furnishings.

Direct vent” refers to a sealed-combustion system in which air for combustion is piped from the outdoors, and the exhaust gases are vented to the outdoors. This is the latest and greatest in gas fireplace technology and our manufacturers are the leaders in the industry for efficiency and realistic flame aesthetic. An additional plus is the variety of venting possibilities from straight out the back horizontal venting to full through the roof chimneys. Whatever your configuration, the experts at Rommel have you covered.

Vent Free. Don’t have a location that allows venting to the outside? Perhaps a vent free gas fireplace is best for you. A vent free fireplace is 99% efficient, so every dollar spent gives you $.99 of home heating. Vent free fireplaces are convenient and installation is quick and easy. While it is quick and easy to install, we also maintain the quality of more than just the necessary safety measures. If you just need a bit of heat for short periods of time to supplement, this may be the choice for you! Ask our specialists about it today!

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