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Tired of bringing wood into the fireplace and taking all evening to get a fire started just to have it suck all the heat out of your house? You know you’ve felt the “fireplace blues. It’s when you stand in front of the fire and feel the heat on your face but feel the cold air rushing towards you from behind.

Let Rommel Hearth and Outdoor transform your cold masonry fireplace into a heating machine that looks great the entire time it’s burning, not just when you get up and reload logs. Pure, cozy heat that warms the entire living area and can be lit with the flick of a switch and turned off when you’re ready for bed.

Direct vent” refers to a sealed-combustion system in which air for combustion is piped from the outdoors, and the exhaust gases are vented to the outdoors. This is the latest and greatest in gas fireplace insert technology and our manufacturers are the leaders in the industry for efficiency and realistic flame aesthetic. Through the use of a co-linear system, we can turn your masonry chimney into an efficient vent for your new insert.

Vent Free. Perhaps a vent free gas fireplace insert is best for you. A vent free fireplace is 99% efficient, so every dollar spent gives you $.99 of home heating. A Monesson vent free fireplace is convenient and installation is quick and easy. If you just need a bit of heat for short periods of time to supplement, this may be the choice for you! Ask our specialists about it today!

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