Our Rommel Hearth & Outdoor Staff

At Rommel Hearth and Outdoor we pride ourselves on being experts in our field, but more importantly we pride ourselves on bringing exceptional service. It is our service that has kept us in business for more than 35 years! This is not something we take for granted, we are honored. We also know that we would not be here without our loyal customers, many of whom we call friends.

Our team is more than just a group of employees, we are a FAMILY. We have known some of our employees for over 10 years and have watched them begin families of their own. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and learn on our techniques and skills whether it be certifications, classes, or training. We are looking for individuals who are just as engaged and eager as we are to jump in and learn new skills. We need someone who has a great energy and likes to get the job while maintaining excellent service throughout the process. If you think you are the next addition to our Rommel family, click here. We will be excited to talk to you!

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