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Rommel Hearth and Outdoor, formerly Survival Products, has been a trademark in the Salisbury Area for more than 35 years. If you mention the kayaks off of route 13, people automatically know where you are referring to. Rick and Sue Turner have been the brains behind the operation and have seen their business transform over the years from a Christmas Tree lot, camping and outdoor gear shop, and now a Hearth appliance and kayak destination. Their two daughters have grown up around the business and they have seen some of their customers grow from children into adults.

They are continuing their business under the new name of Rommel Hearth and Outdoor with the Rommel Holdings family. They continue to provide the level of service that they have been giving for over 35 years with the same staff, but now in a new location in College Square right next to Rommel’s Ace. This larger space allows them to display even more of the top hearth brands for pellet, gas, and wood appliances, along with the proper installation techniques that will keep your family warm and more importantly safe. In the warmer weather, they will be sure to keep the greatest selection of kayaks to get you out paddling on the water from Hobie, Wilderness Systems, and Perception.

We look forward to offering you the top level of service, products, and skills that we have been offering for the last 35 years for the next 35 and more!

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