Chimney Sweeping and Inspection

Leave it up to our experts to keep your chimney swept year round

Let our experts maintain and keep your chimney burning clean all year round with our safe and affordable chimney services. Your family’s safety is our priority, so let our Chimney Safety Institute of America certified Chimney Sweeps take care of your loved ones and your chimney.

It is recommended to have chimneys swept once a year and that chimneys be inspected every other year to ensure the safety of all occupants.

Chimney Sweeping & Inspection $225*

*Listed prices are for services on typical 1 and 2 story dwellings that have a chimney sweeping completed once every year. Heights over 2 stories, excessively creosoted chimneys, and other time-consuming situations may incur additional fees.

A Chimney Inspection cannot take place until a chimney sweeping has been completed.

Our Chimney Sweeps are certified through the CSIA. We are members of the NCSG, and are licensed and insured.

What does this mean?

Level II inspections are required (per NFPA 211)

  • When adding or replacing a hearth appliance
  • Prior to relining of a flue or replacement of a flue lining
  • Upon the sale or transfer of real estate property
  • After a building or chimney fire, weather or seismic event, or other incident likely to have caused damage to the building

Level II inspections include:

  • Evaluation of the entire chimney and flue from both outside and inside:
  • Structural issues and areas of concern will be disclosed
  • A digital scan will be done of the interior of the chimney
  • A complete report with pictures, will be mailed within 2 weeks, upon request

Chimney Linings and Repair

Rommel Hearth and Outdoor also performs chimney work associated with the proper installation of hearth appliances, in order to give your stove or insert the best possible drafting scenario. Remember that natural vent appliances like wood stoves and inserts do not make chimneys work- chimneys make appliances work. The venting may very well be the most important component in a system. Ask the experts at Rommel.