Salisbury’s Paddlesports Headquarters

Here at Rommel Hearth and Outdoor, we stock a wide range of kayaks and stand up paddleboards for fishing and recreation. Our selection is the largest in Delmarva and includes the most popular brands in the paddlesports industry, such as Hobie, Wilderness Systems, Dagger and Perception.

We stock the most popular models of kayaks and stand up paddleboards since we handle such a wide variety of the industry’s top manufacturers. We offer more models and colors than anyone, but we are happy to special order your dream watercraft if you don’t find what you want.


You’ve probably seen our kayaks if you’ve ever driven along Route 13. For more than 35 years, we’ve been a landmark in the Salisbury area. We carry a wide range of kayaks, including singles and doubles, with a wide variety of intended uses. Narrower, more water-dynamic kayaks are perfect for speeding through the water, while our slightly wider, more stable versions are ideal for reeling in a fish without tipping over. Our skilled staff will talk with you about the intended purpose of your kayak and the age and skill of those using it to help ensure you get a kayak that works for you.

Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is an offshoot of surfing but relies on a paddle for propulsion instead of waves. The ease of use and the flexibility of stand up paddleboarding has led to a major increase in its popularity in recent years. Unlike surfing, you don’t have to have a wave to propel yourself forward, which means it’s a sport that can be enjoyed when waves are small, on lakes or on flat water. Paddle board yoga has started to gain traction too, and some even attempt fishing from the board. We’ll help you find the board and paddle size that’s right for you and how you intend to use it.

Outdoor Supplies and Accessories

In addition to a high quality line of kayaks and stand up paddleboards, Rommel Hearth and Outdoor has you covered for all of your paddling accessory needs. We carry paddles, personal floatation devices, rod holders, cockpit covers, and carts to keep you safe and comfortable during your adventure. We also carry dry bags, cell phone cases, and YETI coolers to keep your belongings dry and your food or drink cool. Our wide selection of books and guides will help you plan your journey ahead of time so you can simply relax and paddle.

Rommel Hearth and Outdoor also carries car rack systems and trailers to simplify the process of getting from home to water. We have systems that range from simply loading one kayak on a foam rack to trailers that can carry multiple watercraft.

Our Brands

Visit our Salisbury shop or call us today at (410) 543-1244 to start searching for your new kayak or stand up paddleboard today!